Narrating Nubia: a new project

Dear Colleagues,  A new collaborative project has been initiated at the University of Michigan which may be of interest to you. It is called ‘Narrating Nubia’.  The website may be found here: https://sites.lsa.umich.edu/nubia/. Please direct any enquiries to the project through the link found on their website. Sincerely, Julie


Archéologie du Nil Moyen

Dear Colleagues, The following information may be of interest to you. Volumes of Archéologie du Nil Moyen are now being offered to interested parties, in return for a contribution to postage and packing costs. It is also possible to pick up your order free of charge at the association’s home in Lille. Please see http://nil-moyen.com/index.php?Txt=English for further information and […]


Dotawo 7 is now available

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Dotawo 7 is now available open access online and may be of interest to you. The information and the web-links follow below. Please contact the publishers directly with any questions. TABLE OF CONTENTSClaude Rilly – Personal Markers and Verbal Number in MeroiticRussell Norton – Ama Verbs in Comparative PerspectiveAngelika Jakobi – […]


DiverseNile seminar series 2021

Dear ISNS Members and Friends,  The DiverseNile seminar series continues on Zoom, once a month through October. Further information may be found at: https://www.sudansurvey.gwi.uni-muenchen.de. Please contact the organisers directly for further information and for the link to the seminars. Best wishesJulie


Historical Dictionary of Sudan

Dear Colleagues, Richard Lobban is pleased to inform you that the following three-volume Historical Dictionary of Sudan has just been completed with the final volume Historical Dictionary of Medieval Christian Nubia appearing and now available from a variety of web sources. Please contact the author directly with any queries. Sincerely,Julie


New publications

Dear Friends and Colleagues,The following publications in the Journal of Juristic Papyrology Supplements may be of interest to you. Further information may be found here. Please contact the authors or the publisher directly with any queries.Best wishes for 2021.Julie