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Modern Nubiology was born in the early 1960s, when an international salvage campaign was launched by UNESCO to save the monuments of Lower Nubia being flooded by the construction of the Aswan High Dam and the creation of Lake Nasser. This campaign brought together scholars from over 25 countries from around the world and revealed the richness and cultural diversity of Nubian civilisation.




Meroitic Conference 2024 1st Circular

Dear ISNS Members,Attached please find the First Circular for the Meroitic Conference 2024. The conference webpage with updates may be found here:http://meroiticstudies2024.info/ All questions and requests regarding the conference should be addressed to the organizers at meroiticstudies2024@uni-muenster.de All the best Julie


Archaeo-Event This Weekend!

Ottawa Chapter: Musical Performance and Talkon the Rock Gongs of Sudan Sunday, Sept 18, 2022, 9:00 to 11:30 am EDT Presenters: Jesse Stewart (Carleton University) and Yahia Fadl Tahir (University of Khartoum)Date: 18 September 2022Time: 9:00am (musical performance), 10:00am (rock gong lecture)Location: Zoom (see code below)   Percussionist Jesse Stewart will give AIA Ottawa a live demonstration on […]


George Pagoulatos

Dear Colleagues, It is with sadness that I inform you that George Pagoulatos has passed away. He will be greatly missed. He and his family have made the Acropole Hotel a warm and welcoming place, a ‘Home away from home’ in Khartoum. We offer sincere condolences to his family, friends, and staff at the Acropole.Sincerely Julie


Concise Manual for Ceramic Studies

Dear ISNS Members, The Concise Manual for Ceramic Studies from SFDAS is now available on-line, open access and may be of interest to you. The link follows below.Please direct any questions to the author. Sincerely Julie———————————————————- Concise Manual for Ceramic Studies Romain David (dir.) This bilingual English/Arabic manual is intended to accompany the training of […]



15th International Conference for Nubian Studies – 29th August – 4th September 2022

The Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw will host the 15th International Conference for Nubian Studies in Warsaw from August 29th to September 4th, 2022. Every four years, the ICNS conference brings together archaeologists, epigraphists, historians, and other scholars working on the ancient and modern history of Sudan and Nubia, from prehistory to […]