Dotawo Volume 9 – Call for Papers

Nubian Homescapes from Antiquity to the Present 


This special issue of Dotawo takes a long-term perspective on Nubian houses and households to explore the distinctive material, visual, and phenomenological worlds of Nubian homescapes.  

We are especially interested in exploring homelife during periods when there were changes in the political and social organization in Nubia. By exploring a range of case studies, objects, households, lifestyles, documents, visual sources, we aim to understand the ways that ordinary people made their homes and livelihoods during periods of systemic change. In the process, we considered how these same sources reveal the power of everyday activities to transform social organization from the bottom up. We also explore how some social and political initiatives in Nubia might live on and continue to structure life in the present. 

We invite contributors focusing on a wide variety of interdisciplinary and cross-temporal topics on Nubian homelife, including domestic architecture, everyday workspaces in and around the home, household members, everyday dress, jewelry, resettlement, and the Nubian diaspora community among other topics. We encourage contributors to explore homelife creatively, remaining attentive to the multisensory, embodied, and intersectional ways that people experienced the home. For this reason, we encourage submissions that include photographic essays, poetry, artwork, and fiction as either part of the submission or the submission in its entirety.  

Deadline for Abstracts for consideration: 15 December 2021 

Deadline for Article submission: 15 June 2022 


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Anne M. Jennings: